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Dc-Bus Imbalance Minimization For Wind Energy Conversion System With Five-Level Back-To-Back Converters Using Fuzzy Logic

This paper deals with the power generation control in variable speed wind turbines with fuzzy logic controller. In this context, the wind energy conversion system (WECS) is equipped with a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) and two back-to-back five-level voltage source converters in the rotor circuit. The modeling of the five-level converter as RSC and GSC (rectifier) is achieved. A vector control of the rotor connected converter (RSC) provides an independent control of the generated active and reactive power and optimal speed tracking for maximum energy capture from the wind. In this work, an intelligent fuzzy inference system is proposed as replacement of the conventional PI controller to overcome any disturbance can happens, three fuzzy controllers are used in the RSC for the speed, stator active and reactive power control. Performances have been tested in this paper on 2MW DFIG-WECS by using Matlab/Simulink software environment. Index Terms— Wind energy, DFIG, Multilevel converter, Neutral-point clamped (NPC), DC-bus balancing, Clamping Bridge, Fuzzy logic controller.