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Speed Control Of Brushless Dc Motor Using PID And Fuzzy-PID Controller In MATLAB And Its Comparision

We all are known about the increasing popularity of use of BLDC motor in various applications due to its advantageous features like electronic commutation, longer life, higher speed range, low maintenance, low cost, etc. Hence in order to obtain the desired characteristics according to the application, it is necessary to have the control over its speed. However, there have been many control strategies implemented till date. To control the BLDCM drive which exhibit nonlinear characteristics, a nonlinear controller like Fuzzy Logic controller can be used. This paper represents the speed control strategy using conventional PID controller combined with intelligent fuzzy controller. The shortcomings of PID controller are minimized using Fuzzy-PID controller. The simulation for speed control using only PID and using both Fuzzy and PID is done in MATLAB and results are compared. Keywords— Brushless Direct current motor(BLDCM),Fuzzy Logic Controller(FLC) ,Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller.