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Low Complexity Linear Precoding In MIMO-PLC Systems

In this paper, we consider the design of linear precoding in MIMO (multiple input multiple output) PLC (power line communication) system. For that, first we considered mutual information of MIMO-PLC system with impulsive noise. Here we proposed a novel approach to design the precoding scheme for MIMO-PLC system to increase (improve) performance in terms of maximizing mutual information value with low complexity and better speed of operation. Specifically our work primarily includes the following two contributions: (1) we accept right unitary matrix that is product of two fix unitary matrices, which only depend on modulation index. So, the result only depends on modulation mode. And thereby reduces computational complexity. (2) For power allocation matrix, we reduced the computational complexity and improve speed of operation by reducing the iteration for optimization. For that, we used exhaustive search method for maximization of mutual information. In regards to computational complexity of analysis, we conclude that, the proposed precoding matrix design scheme has low complexity and is easy to implement with better speed. Moreover the numerical results are proven to demonstrate the performance of proposed precoding design scheme. Keywords— Precoding Design, MIMO-PLC, Impulsive Noise, Finite Alphabet Input.