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Detection Of Fault In PWM Voltage Source Inverter For PMSM Drive System

In this paper, a easy and low-cost fault identification and detection method for (PWM) pulse-width modulated and voltage-source inverter (VSI) for (PMSM) drive system is proposed. Fault in a power switch of PWM VSI varies the respective terminal voltages and causes the voltage distortions in each phase voltage. The proposed fault diagnosis method employs the (MRAS) model reference adaptive system techniques and needs no additional sensors or electrical devices to identify the fault situation and detect the faulty switch. The proposed technique has the features of fast identification time, easy structure, and being easily introduced to the existing control algorithms as a sub-routine without any major modifications. The experiments and MATLAB simulations are being carried out and the results show the effectiveness of the proposed method. Index Terms— Fault Detection, Fault Diagnosis, Fault Identification, Pulse-Width Modulated Voltage-Source Inverter (PWM VSI).