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Overview Of Analysis And Classification Of Stuttered Speech

Speech is a series of complex movements that alter and mould the basic tone created by voice into specific decodable sounds. Conversational or spontaneous speech is very much essential for daily life. This paper attempts to brief about a literature review of Automatic Stuttered Speech Recognition. Major progress is being done on both technology and exploitation of automatic speech recognition of dysfluent speech. However, there are still technological barriers in the recognition of speech disorders. Stuttering is a speech disorder which is affecting millions of people in their day to day life. The flow of speech is disrupted by involuntary repetitions, interjections, prolongations of sounds. This review paper gives the overview of the types of stuttering, different methods available for the analysis and classification of stuttered speech. It also reports the results of major feature extraction techniques and classifiers used in automatic detection of stuttered speech dysfluency. Keywords— Stuttering, Automatic Speech Recognition.