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Industrial Automation Control Network Of Automatically Manufecturing &Filling Of The Soft Drink Liquid Into Bottles Using Plc & Scada Programing - An Experimential Study

Today with the fast moving life the industry are also enhancement their technology to do competition with the other industry if they want to survive and getting profit then other industry . So the automation of the industry is necessary need for today the meaning of the automation self movement because automation are made of to two word auto and mation where auto means self and mation means movement so therefore automation means self movement is called automation. in this research paper we discussed different type of field device which are used in the automation such as sensor ,actuator, controller , and the most important device which are used PLC,SCADA, DCS, and RTU, MTU etc and in this research paper we discuss the industrial networking also how the field device are associated to each other to transfer the information to each other and how we controlled this information to change the parameter of the device in the industrial network. in paper also discusses the fundamental difference between the computer networking and the industrial networking. Keywords— PLC, SCADA, RTU, MTU, DCS.