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Advanced Safety Applications For Railway Crossing

Indian railway network is one of the world's largest rail networks comprising 115,000km of track over a route of 65,808km and 7,112 stations with a number of railway crossing gates which are both manned and unmanned .Now the question arises whether it is safe in today's scenario to still have manned railway crossing gates or if they are unmanned, how efficient are they??? So to come up with a solution, our paper deals with automatic railway crossing gate operations (i.e.) automatic railway gate at a level crossing replacing the gates operated by the gatekeepers corroborated with some other safety applications as well. Our project mainly focuses on enhancement of efficiency of railway crossing gates with respect to their operations and safety applications in comparison with the existing technologies. Using simple electronic components such as IR sensors and microcontroller amalgamated with RF technology can be useful to come up with a setup comprising of sensing of arrival of the train, automatic opening and closing of level crossing gates, displaying time of arrival of train at the gate for common man's convenience and an intruder-alarm circuit as a safety feature of our real time system. Finally as the operation being automatic; their are less chances of error due to manual operation and is time efficient, which is main crux of our project.