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Design Of PMBLDC Motor Pumped By PV System With MPPT For Air Conditioning System

The exploitation of solar energy is very significant for the sunny countries. Moreover the dryness phenomenon in this country imposes more and more the use of air-conditioning systems. In this work, it is proposed a technique for the identification of the Maximum power Point (MPP) based on Incremental Conductance Method. The output of MPP cyclic ratio is injected to SEPIC converter to generate constant voltage for application of Air-Conditioning System. The system carried out consists of a photovoltaic array supplying, through a DC converter, a Permanent Magnet brushless DC (PMBLDC) motor coupled to air-conditioning system compressor. The air-conditioning system derives power from solar cell and the electric power is used to drive the electric motor with compressor to produce the cooling. The solar panel is installed with Maximum Power point Tracking (MPPT) controller. The simulation of a complete modeling of the entire system will be done in MATLAB/SIMULINK. The results are validated for standard Torque, Speed and Current characteristics of PMBLDC motor through MPP Algorithm. It is observed that the efficacy of the results with this method is improved when compared with standard methods. Index Terms- MPPT, PMBLDC motor, SEPIC converter, Solar Photovoltaic Cell