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Design & Implementation Of Concatenated TURBO/LDPC Codes For Deep Space Communications

Requirement for efficient decoding techniques for Turbo & LDPC codes are in demand, many applications incorporates either LDPC or Turbo codes nowadays, due to their excellent performance which practically approaches Shannon’s limit. Although the theoretical performance of both codes is impressive, their practical implementation leads to problems like numerical inaccuracy, limited memory resources. Better Error performance is a very big requirement in Deep Space communications. This is a significant topic of research in communication systems, deep space missions do not require high throughput, while at the same time they demand very strict BER and frame-error-rate (FER) performance. Design of other codes may leads to higher implementation complexities and poor performance. The proposed work defines the Turbo & LDPC decoder using BCJR algorithm to obtain high performance with lower bit-error rates. Keywords—Turbo; LDPC; Concatenation; Deep Space.