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Fault Detection In EHV Transmission Line Using Singular Value Decomposition

Extra high voltage (EHV) transmission line network plays an important role in transmission line system. To maintain continuity and stability in extra high voltage transmission lines we have to detect the fault as fast as possible. The main challenge is to detect the faults which arise in EHV transmission line systems more efficiently. In this paper singular value decomposition (SVD) technique is used to detect the faults. SVD is a mathematical technique which reduces the risk of magnifying noise and more robust to numerical error. Also SVD can detect the faults in EHV lines even in high resistance conditions. MATLAB results are compared with discrete wavelet transformation (DWT) technique and its results shows effectiveness of this method. The performance of the proposed algorithm is tested under variety of fault conditions on a typical 500kv transmission line. Index terms — Extra high voltage (EHV) transmission line, fault detection, discrete wavelet transform, singular value decomposition.