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Simulated Structure Of FCL For 3-Ø Unsymmetrical Fault In Power System

with increasing demand for the reliability and flexibility regarding the power system, it is necessary to detect the fault very quickly and limit it as early as possible in a very less time. Most of the faults that occur on power systems are unsymmetrical faults, which may consists of unsymmetrical faults through impedances, or open conductors. Unsymmetrical faults occur as single line-to-ground faults, line-to-line faults, or double line-to-ground faults. This paper presents controlling the magnitude of fault current by using fault current limiter with the help of controlled rectifier. So, simulation of unsymmetrical faults and output waveforms besides that structure of fault current limiter in MAT-LAB is studied Index Terms— Unsymmetrical faults, fault current limiter, fault currents, thyristor controlled rectifier.