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To Study The Effect Of Dgs On Antenna Parameters

In this paper various defected ground structure (DGS) patterns are inserted in a ground plane of a conventional Rectangular Microstrip patch antenna (RMSA). The antenna is designed for 2.4 GHz frequency. The performance of the antenna varies as the dimensions of DGS patterns are changed. The antenna is simulated by the software HFSS. HFSS is employed to analyze the proposed antenna and simulated results on return loss. The bandwidth varies as the DGS pattern becomes more complex, it increses with complexity. The parameters of antenna such as Return Loss, VSWR and Band width, with DGS and without DGS are measured. The Major focus of this paper is to improve the band width so that patch antenna is used for wide band applications and study effect of DGS on antenna parameters Index Terms: Microstrip patch antenna, DGS, HFSS.