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Implementation Of Wind Turbine System Parameter Monitoring And Data Transmission

Wind is a clean and renewable natural resource for power generation. At present, the greatest widespread solution of wind power generation in the world is based on the wind turbines. Thus, to ensure safe operation of these turbines, a close health monitoring of is needed. This paper aims in describing the health monitoring system for wind turbine using Controller Area Network (CAN) bus. This system is accountable for monitoring the tower, blades, shaft, gear box, generator and overall conditions in nacelle/hub. This includes a variety of sensors for e.g. accelerometers, temperature sensors, oil/liquid level sensors. It will collect all the parameters from main components of the turbine and sends it to the control room via RF module/RS232. At Control room through PC (Personal Computer) it is possible to view the current status of the Wind Turbine using MATLAB. So if there is any possibility of fault occurrence, then it can be predicted and prevented. Index Terms-CAN (Controller Area Network), Health monitoring parameters, RF module, Wind Turbine.