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Issues, Challenges and Opportunities in Grid Integration of PV System

Research into alternative energy sources has been motivated by the ongoing rise in global electricity consumption as well as the depletion of fossil fuel resources. Because of its size, ease of installation, and versatility in terms of operating both off and on the grid, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are becoming more and more common in the renewable energy sector. Solar roof tops with grid integration are thus becoming more and more common in India. In order to integrate such renewable energy sources with the grid, several FACT devices need to interact with power electronics converters. Since the invention of power electronics switching devices, power quality needs including voltage imbalance, voltage control, power factor, harmonics, and others have taken on a greater significance. When connected with the grid, the dispersed generating option raises overall concerns about electricity quality. The prospects, difficulties, and problems relating to the grid integration of solar PV systems are discussed in this paper. Keywords - EV Charging, Grid Integration of PV, Power Quality, Stability