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Reactive Power Compensation Capability of A Battery Energy Storage Plant

A battery energy storage plant is increasingly accepted and widely used in electric power distribution systems in a near future to enable energy arbitrage during the peak/off-peak hours. Large voltage fluctuation and energy losses can cause inefficient operation of electric power distribution systems. In this paper, ability to manipulate the reactive power of the battery plant is analyzed and studied. Limitations of reactive power compensation for each battery storage plant are formulated and depicted to exhibit its ability to help overall distribution system. A 22-kV local power distribution feeder in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand is selected as a test system. As a result, the battery storage plant can compensate the reactive power up to 4 – 5 Mvar with the equivalent source reactance being 0.01 W. Keywords - Aluminium Alloys, Plasma Spray, Thermal Barrier Coatings, Thermal Fatigue, Yttria-Zirconia