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Design and Virtual Development of High-Speed Homopolar Inductor Alternator

A High-speed homopolar Inductor Alternator (HIA) is suitable for use in the space power system because of its high reliability in severe environments, high efficiency, and its capacity of operating at high rotating speeds with high power density. These alternators allow better control of magnetic flux and induced voltage when compared to Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator. Even though the High-speed homopolar inductor alternator is a synchronous generator, due to the asymmetric and complex structure of the rotor, the construction and theoretical principle of HIA is more ambiguous and needs more investigations. As the performance parameters depend on the flux distribution of the alternator, it is necessary to analyze magnetic field characteristics of the High-speed homopolar inductor alternator using the Finite Element Method. The preprocessing step for the finite element analysis of HIA is the design of Highspeed homopolar Inductor Alternator using mathematical and its virtual modeling using finite element platform such as Ansys Maxwell software. This paper presents the structure, working principle, design of HIA using design equations and its virtual development and performance study of High-speed Homo Polar Inductor Alternator using Maxwell 3D software. The virtual development of High-speed homopolar inductor alternator and its performance analysis helps to reduce the construction cost of the alternator Keywords - High-Speed Homopolar Inductor Alternator, Finite Element Method, Virtual Modeling.