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Preparation of Zinc Oxide-Titanium Dioxide Colloid By Electrical Spark Discharge Method

This study adopted the physical electrical spark discharge method (ESDM) of electric discharge machining. Nano zinc oxide-titanium dioxide colloid was prepared by ESDM at normal temperature and pressure, and the results of different process parameters were discussed. In this study, when the process time parameter Ton - Toff was 10-100 μs; the preparation time was 5 minutes. The analysis of UV-Vis and Zetasizer showed that the prepared had the best colloidal properties in this study, which occurred when the peak current parameter was IP1, with a wavelength of 238 nm, an absorbance of 0.513, an average particle size of 49.08 nm, and a ζ potential of 20.5 mV. This process used deionized water (DW) as the dielectric fluid, where the metal material was melted by discharge arc at high temperature, and then, the exfoliated material was combined with deionized water to form a nanometer colloid. The samples obtained in this study were verified by UV-Vis and Zetasizer. The preparation of nano zinc oxide-titanium dioxide colloid by ESDM is simple and rapid, and there is no need to add other chemicals, thus, harm to the environment and the human body can be reduced to zero. Keywords - Electrical Spark Discharge Method; Nano Zinc Oxide-Titanium Dioxide Colloid