Paper Title
“Modelling Switched Boost Inverter for Standalone DC Nanogrid Applications”

The Inverse Watkins Johnson circuit is the source of the switched boost inverter (SBI), a single-stage power converter. The SBI can provide an ac output voltage that is either higher or less than the available dc input voltage, unlike the conventional buck-type voltage source inverter (VSI). Additionally, the SBI outperforms the VSI in terms of electromagnetic interference noise immunity, allowing for a more compact design of the power converter. SBI has the additional benefit of being able to simultaneously power dc and ac loads from a single dc input. These capabilities make the SBI appropriate for dc nanogrid applications. In this paper, the SBI is proposed as a strength electronic interface in dc nanogrid.The shape and benefits of the proposed SBI-primarily based totally nanogrid are mentioned in detail. This paper additionally offers a dq synchronous reference-frame primarily based totally controller for SBI, which regulates each dc and ac bus voltages of the nanogrid to their respective reference values below steady nation in addition to below dynamic load version within side the nanogrid. Keywords - DC Nanogrid, Switched Boost Inverter (SBI), Synchronous Reference Frame (SRF) Control, Voltage Source Inverter (VSI).