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Application of IoT in Solar Power Plant

Application of IoT for tracking of a solar based power plant is a significant step as day-by-day renewable energy sources are getting associated into utility network. Due to this, mechanization and intellection of solar based power plant tracking will enhance future decision-making process for large scale solar based power plant and grid integration of such plants. As a result we prefer an IoT based remote monitoring system for solar power plant. Using the Internet of Things Technology for tracking solar photovoltaic power generation can greatly improve the performance, monitoring and maintenance of the plant. With the development of automation the cost of non-conventional power appliances is going down universally provoking wide scale solar photovoltaic installations implementation of new cost-effective technique based on IoT to distantly monitor a solar photovoltaic plant for performance estimation. Furthermore to real time monitoring, this will also provide preventive care, fault detection, historical survey of the plant. Keywords - IoT, Intellectualization, Photovoltaic, Historical Analysis, Grid Integration