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Improved DC Bus Voltage Regulation for Standalone PV Systems with Bi-Directional Converter Using PI Controllers

The Bi-directional Buck-Boost Converter exhibits the ability to harness renewable energy derived from a Photovoltaic Array, enabling bidirectional current flow based on the application's operational mode requirements. In our research paper, we propose the integration of an auxiliary battery with the bidirectional DC-DC converter. This auxiliary battery serves multiple purposes, such as compensating for insufficient energy generation by the renewable energy source or providing additional power for voltage boosting during activities like up-lifting. The Bidirectional Buck-Boost Converter is employed in reverse mode to charge the auxiliary battery when the load draws power smoothly from the primary energy source which is Solar Energy in our case. However, during load transients and overload conditions, the Bidirectional Buck- Boost Converter seamlessly switches to the forward mode, discharging the auxiliary battery to supply power to the load. Keywords - Bi-Directional Converter, DC-DC, Photovoltaic, Solar, Auxiliary Battery