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Research Focus for Indigenous Capability Development for Recycling of End-of-Life PV Panels in India

In India, recycling of solar PV (photovoltaic) panels is still in its nascent stages. However, with the increasing adoption of solar energy in the country, the need for recycling PV panels is becoming more pressing. The process of recycling PV panels involves the recovery of materials such as silicon, aluminum, and glass from the panels, which can then be used to create new panels. The process helps to conserve natural resources and reduce waste, while also helping to lower the cost of solar energy. Despite the benefits, recycling PV panels in India is currently hindered by a lack of proper infrastructure and regulations. The government is taking steps to address these issues and promote the development of PV panel recycling in the country. This paper tries to provide a brief overview of the various processes involved in recycling of PV panels and the research requirement for the same. Keywords - Recycling, Solar PV, E-Waste, end of Life, CI-S