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Characterization of Circuit Averaging Technique based on Literatures, and Modeling of High Order Cascaded DC-DC Buck Converter

Circuit averaging technique is the most commonly used analytical technique for the converters. The fourth order, complex and nonlinear cascaded Buck converter has high conversion ratio, and large voltage regulation. Hence, modeling and analysis of this converter is important but a challenging task, which is not undertaken yet using universal circuit averaging method. Therefore, modeling of cascaded DC-DC Buck converter in CCM using circuit averaging technique is accomplished. Linear equivalent model, small-signal model of the converter is derived and control-to-output voltage transfer function is obtained. Frequency and transient characteristics are analyzed using MATLAB simulation. Brainstorming of the literature data for different features and performed work revealed that the circuit averaging technique is a methodical and produces expressive form of transfer function, but a complex technique for the high order circuit. The study recommends the investigation of possibility of tracking of error in analysis by the circuit averaging method, just like the PWM with extra element method. Keywords - Cascaded DC-DC Buck Converter, Circuit-Averaging Technique, DC and AC Small Signal Analysis, Equivalent Model, Simulation.