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Wind Turbine Pitch Controller Parameters Optimization by Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm

The main duty of pitch control is to control the wind turbine blades angle for generation of steady state output power when the wind speed is above the rated value. In this paper output power and voltage regulation of wind turbine in a sudden wind speed change condition is proposed by using the pitch control. The application of the proposed pitch control method is optimized. The proposed optimization is applied on permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG). The optimum values of PI controller parameters for the PMSG pitch controller is obtained by using grey wolf optimization (GWO) algorithm. Modeling and optimization procedure is implemented by using MATLAB software. Optimization is used and achieved by minimizing the integral error of the PI controller that is controlling the pitch angle of the wind turbine blades. The simulation results prove the good performance of wind turbine output power and voltage stabilization during a sudden wind speed change. Keyword - Wind turbine, Permanent Magnet Synchoronous Generator (PMSG), PI Controller, Grey Wolf Optimization (GWO), Optimization.