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Types of Noises and Suitability of Filters

Given its popularity and growth, Image processing is among the most important immerging and broadly developing approaches making it the most active in research areas. One of the crucial tasks in image processing is denoising of the images and pictures. Images can incorporate noise at the time of being captured or transmitted or during the stages of image acquisition, processing, and compression. These noises are of various types like Gaussian Noise, Poisson Noise, Salt & Pepper Noise, Speckle Noise, Rayleigh Noise, Uniform Noise, Gamma Noise, Brownian Noise, Quantization Noise, Film Grain, Gaussian filter, Structured Noise, and many more. In order to preserve the original image, it is necessary to get rid of those noises, and hence denoising is absolutely essential. This is where filters come into the picture. Various filtering methods are available to separate the noise and maintain the integrity of the acquired aerial image. Various filtering methods can be used, depending on the type of noise. Various filters are available like Median Filter, Bilateral Filtering, Gaussian Filtering, and Adaptive Filters. Mean Filters, Wiener Filters, and many more. Keywords—Noises, filters, Gaussian noise, Salt & Pepper noise, Speckle noise, Poisson noise, Wiener Filter.