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Design of an Accumulator Production Facility Using Systematic Layout Planning : A Case Study

Abstract - In a context of globalization, companies are increasingly aiming to achieve their objectives in the most efficient way possible, for this they use a whole panoply of operational management and optimization tools, even before begin operations, using facilities design tools, the aim of which is to design the layout of equipment and departments in the most optimal way possible. The SLP (Systematic Layout Planning) method has very interesting potential due to its effectiveness in approaching the optimal solution. In this work, we applied the SLP method to design a production unit, specifying the logistics equipment to be used for an accumulator company under constraints of space usability, installation dispersion. The work was applied to an accumulator production company located in the Constantine region of Algeria. The implementation of the new layout of the factory finally selected showed a significant reduction in the distance of movement of materials and workflow and resulted in an increase in productivity at this plant. Keywords - Facilities design,Layout planning,Systematic Layout planning