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Design of Cascade Control System Using National Instruments Myrio Controller for Industrial Applications

Abstract- The temperature monitor and control is most important aspect in chemical industries and dairy industries. The paper proposed a monitoring of temperature, level control by using NI myRIO controller. In this proposed methodology we have designed and implemented by using LabView software and to maintain the temperature of the water by controlling the external heater. The control action is taken based on the boiler tank water temperature and level compared with desired set point temperature using LabVIEW software. This process is controlled using NI myRIO, coded with LabVIEW.. The inflow of the boiler can also be monitored. Here PID is implemented for temperature control. This project will be highly efficient in detection and actuating the output devices at a reliable speed. Using myRIO controller brings flexibility to a system where users can transmit the data. In today’s world data is utmost important in all the process industries to predict the various process outputs, to overcome malfunctions in the plant, for Simulating the program, to interconnect various processes and monitor the output on a single computer. Keywords - Temperature, Level, Arduino, NI myRIO LabVIEW, PID Controller, UART