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Design, Development and Modelling of Z Bracket Assembly for Guide Rail System of Elevator

Abstract - The designer has to do a lot of design iterations till he gets the required output which is a repetitive and time-consuming task. The parametric modelling is the solution for this problem. But to generate the geometric variations successfully without loss of design content and use them flexibly, it is important to adapt the proper design methodology. If the modelling is not done with proper design rules; then the efficiency of CAD model degrades. To enhance the robustness of parametric modelling, some formal methodologies like horizontal methodology, Explicit reference methodology and resilient methodology have been proposed. Based on the studies; several design considerations which need to be taken care of have been discussed to maximize the model reusability using web-based CAD/CAE tools for the Z-Bracket which is a connecting element of the elevator. Keywords - Parametric Modelling, Z-Bracket, 3D Experience, Design Methodology, CATIA.