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Design of Ratio Control System using National Instruments my RIO Controller for Food Processing Industries

Abstract- Industrial Automation greatly reduces the need for human sensory, human workforce and cost. Advanced Process Control Systems generally focus on regulating the output variable against the dynamic real time changes happening in the system among different process variables even if there is rarely a change in Set Point variable. In this work we design Ratio Control System using National Instruments myRIO Controller for Food Processing Industries. National Instruments myRIO controller is an embedded device which works on graphical programming. Generally in Food Processing Industries there might be applications where two liquids considered to be dilute and concentrated in this case to be mixed in a certain ratio to obtain a final product which is fit for consumption. Hence in this project we try to mix two liquids of different concentration in a certain ratio which is considered as a set point entered by User on Front Panel of LabVIEW Software. Using myRIO controller brings flexibility to a system where users can transmit the data. In today’s world data is utmost important in all the process industries to predict the various process outputs, to overcome malfunctions in the plant, for Simulating the program, to interconnect various processes and monitor the output on a single computer. Keywords - Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, LabVIEW, UART, IoE.