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Intensity Based Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for Assisting Energy Management in Solar Application

Abstract - At present lots of attention has been given to the use of renewable energy resources as Diesel generators and coal fired power plants which are a heavy source of power to our society are in danger of extinction. Lots of work has been done and is still continuing in the area of renewable energy and solar energy is no exception. The primary point of focus in advanced research is to improve the extraction of power from the solar panel, lots of work has been done and is ongoing in this domain, these are mainly Maximum Power point tracking. This paper is devoted to develop a new and efficient algorithm for the extraction of power using minimum number of sensors and fast execution capability with ease of maintenance. That can perform under all conditions and scenarios. This algorithm also performs well under drastic changes in climate as well as in partially shaded conditions where many algorithms present in the literature shows sub optimal performance. Keywords - MPPT, P&O Algorithm, Energy Management, Boost Converter, PSIM