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Forecasting of Solar Irradiation Using MLR, SVR, FFNN & RNN On MATLAB

Abstract - This paper presents one of many application of Machine Learning (ML) in the field of forecasting. It uses Multivariate Linear Regression(MLR), Support Vector Regression (SVR), Feed Forward Neural Network(FFNN) and Layered Recurrent Neural Network(RNN) to make solar irradiation forecasting. The forecasting has been done for the period of ten months in 2021 based on the historical data available for the year 2019 and 2020.MATLAB has been used to develop the ML model. The model developed using the above mentioned algorithms have been compared on the basis of key performance indicators(KPI). The indicators used are mean square error(MSE), Root Mean Square Error(RMSE), Mean Absolute Error(MAE), Mean Absolute Percentage Error(MAPE) and R Square Value (coefficient of determination). The results obtained are well within the desirable limits. Keywords - MLR, SVR, FFNN, RNN and KPI.