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Performance Analysis of Two-Stage Compression Expansion Liquefaction Energy Storage System

Liquefied air energy storage technology has the advantages of high energy storage density and not limited by geographical conditions. It is an ideal energy storage method. However, there is still a problem that the ideal efficiency does not match the actual efficiency of the liquefied air energy storage system. In order to improve the cycle efficiency of liquefied air energy storage system. In this paper, a two-stage compressed and expanded liquefied air energy storage system with energy recovery device is proposed, and the thermodynamic performance analysis and modeling of the system are carried out. Taking the system cycle efficiency and liquefaction rate as the evaluation index, the influence of the internal parameters of the system on the system performance is analyzed. The results show that reasonably reducing the outlet pressure of the compressor unit and the narrow point temperature difference of the heat exchanger, and improving the outlet pressure of the cryogenic pump and the efficiency of the heat exchanger are conducive to improving the circulation efficiency and liquefaction rate of the system. Keywords - Liquefied Air Energy Storage, Liquefaction Rate, Cycle Efficiency.