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Selection and Effect Analysis of Heat Network Regulation Mode in Long-Distance Heating Project

With the increase of the transmission and distribution distance of the pipe network, the regulation lag is obvious, and the timeliness is poor. Taking Yinchuan long-distance heat supply project as the object, according to the characteristics of its four rings inter connection, the problems existing in heat network regulation are studied. The problems of super long delay, efficiency fluctuation of large temperature difference heat pump unit and the influence of pipeline stress in the early and late cold period are found. Considering the common regulation methods of heat supply network at present, it is finally decided to adopt the variable flow regulation method of phased constant temperature. Through the actual operation, it is found that the variable flow regulation method of phased constant temperature has the characteristics of economic energy saving, accelerating load response speed and strengthening the safe operation of pipe network, which is conducive to ensuring the quality of heating. Keywords - Long Distance Heat Supply Project, Heat Supply Network, Qualitative Regulation, Large Temperature Difference Heat Pump Unit, Pipe Stress.