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Concept and Performance Analysis of Electric Wheelchair

This paper proposed an “Electric Wheelchair” that can be controlled either by smartphone (android/iOS) or wired joystick for the use of people with disabilities and people in need. This system consists of a microcontroller (Arduino microcontroller) that can be controlled using a smartphone with provided android/iOS app via Bluetooth connection. A wired joystick also attached as an additional movement controller. An ultrasonic sensor has been installed at the back of the wheelchair to detect objects or obstacles when moving backwards. As an improvement from the previous design, the speed controller switch is installed on the smartphone app as well as on the wired joystick that enables the user to control the speed of the wheelchair. Several tests have been performed to test the practicality and reliability of the Electric Wheelchair, and the result has been discussed. Through this paper also, the concept of Electric Wheelchairs, model design and technology used are all discussed, including financial issues and performance analysis of this Electric Wheelchair Keywords - Electric Wheelchair, Smartphone, Joystick, Arduino