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Memristor Modeling Using Finite Element And Spice Based Simulation

Memristor is a novel device which act as forth fundamental circuit element envisioned by Prof. Chua in 1971. Memristor devices has great interest in research ranging from memory and logic to neuromorphic systems due to its several advantages: non- volatality, good scalability, compatibility with CMOS technology. We study the ongoing models of memristor and compare them with known device specifications In the process of Memristor modelling using finite element, there is initial innovative approach is to implement basic model of it with the help of device modeling and simulation tool Comsol multiphysics 4.4. The successful modeling and simulation of Memristor will further lead to use for SPICE based circuit design. Keywords- Comsol multiphysics 4.4, SPICE, Memristor