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Technology Selection for Smart Agrarian Systems

Agriculture is one of the most crucial areas for humanity; moreover, its importance increases with decreasing natural resources. Digitalization is a critical component of agricultural industrialization, which offers a novel ―smart agriculture‖ approach. Smart agriculture is the replacement of conventional farming methods with effective, rapid, and sustainable ones. It has the power to control water, pesticide, security, the environment, machines, and vehicles. In the short term, it proposes an end-to-end management and monitoring aspect to the whole system. Peer to peer digital connectivity provides flexibility and monitoring for all the activities in farming. Also, it empowers the productivity of the farming system. In light of this information and trends, this paper mainly focuses on selecting a technology selection for smart agrarian systems. The selection procedure is approached as a multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) process. It is well known that there are various worth-pondering variables and criteria in the agricultural sector. Accordingly, a fuzzy AHP-EDAS framework is suggested. A real case study from Turkey is applied to test the plausibility of the provided framework. Also, a comparative analysis is provided to test the robustness of the suggested methodology. Finally, the results and discussions are provided. Keywords - AHP, EDAS, MCDM, Smart Agriculture, Smart Farming Systems