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A Design Overview on Car Ignition Control & Security System Based on Face Recognition Techniques

As in this digitized world, automotive thefts are taking major essential issues in modern automotive systems. To reduce the automotive thefts and to provide the security, we are dumping various different technologies in to the automobiles, which will helps to yield high increased surveillance to the owner and also to the user. There are various digital techniques like biometric and non-biometric system, to identify the interface of the user system. In non-biometric system it allows to verify using the password with more varieties of questions and to increase the incorporate level of security the biometric systems are used, in biometric system the advanced Face Recognition System (FRS) is used to provide the accurate response with the added new features with high resolution camera which will be user friendly to maintain, operate, and handle for automobiles. As the real time face recognition based car ignition access control system include an FRS and ignition controller unit. The BFRSP task is Q to W process the image data retrieval, image compression and face recognition system. The captured image is then tested and that is given to the face detector to detect the full face template matching and the result of the face detector to detect the full face template matching and the result of the face detector are fed to the face compression block, where it provides an economic representation of face which is implemented by applying(PCA) principal component analysis algorithm and to classify and to recognize the data accurately, the Euclidean norm distance classifier is used. The FRCV will transmit the user ID to ignition controller unit and the management system allows the user QIDX to start the vehicle and alter the mirror position and to the preset level. The functionality of the integrated FRS with ignition control system tested efficiently. The XFRSL is tested and validate for different facial expression, pose and skin color variations. The vehicle ignition system is developed to extend with the added concept of security cum automatic management system.