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A Review on Demand Side Management in Smart Grid

Demand side management methodology implementation make sure a demand (energy) management by day ahead scheduling of energy utilization through the customers instead of constructing new generating power plants and transmission units, which can result in the reduction of peak load. In today’s smart grid management system Demand side management techniques are used to improve the grid efficiency by reducing peak and overall consumption as well as overall cost. The main challenge faces while implementing DSM is the knowledge for daily behavior of loads in Power System. Demand side management programs has importance in Smart grid to made change consumption and its pattern of the user’s loads. In this review paper various optimization methods and its implementation is discussed to reduce the energy consumption during peak hours. DSM methodology can be mutually beneficial for the both consumers and utility by the required peak period reduction and saving in cost. Keywords - Demand Side Management, Peak Deficit, Load Scheduling, Implementation Strategies, Energy Consumption