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Implementation Of IGBT Series Resonant Inverters Using Pulse Density Modulation

The aim of this project is to design and simulate to improve the efficiency of IGBT series resonant inverters using pulse density modulation open loop and closed loop controlled boost convertor are molded and simulated using the blocks of simulate. This The aim of this project is to design and simulate to improving the efficiency convertor has advantages like reduced hardware and improved efficiency. For this purpose, this project analyzes a high frequency (20 kHz) voltage-fed inverter with a series-resonant load circuit for industrial induction heating applications, which is characterized by a full bridge inverter made of insulated-gate bipolar transistor and a power control based on pulse density modulation (PDM). Results will be verified experimentally using a prototype for induction heating applications. Simulation results will be compared with hardware results. This power control strategy allows the inverter to work close to the resonance frequency for all output-power levels. In this situation, zero-voltage switching and zero-current switching conditions are performed, and the switching losses are minimized. An additional improvement of inverter efficiency is achieved by choosing appropriate values of the modulation index. The hardware is fabricated and the details are presented for the simulation.