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Design and Implementation of FPGA based Peripheral Controller for Computer Numeric Controller

CNC stances for Computer Numerical Controller. CNC is used for precision applications. In this project, activation of on board and off-board peripheral devices like FRAM, DAC, manual pulse generator, encoder devices are performed. Peripheral activation is performed by address decoding chip select logic. Manual pulse generator(MPG) and encoder are important sub-module of CNC as which, are responsible for rotation of Spindle motor and servo motor which houses object to be shaped and tool used to shape the object respectively and can be done by employing 12 and 16 bit up-down counter. It also includes frequency divider, in which frequency from internal oscillator is divided and fed to counter. Also, digital noise filter removes noise or voltage spike with logic of considering as valid only when signal is continuously high for at least three clock signal. The main target is accessing CNC sub-module that affects the performance of CNC containing peripherals to achieve required processing speed. So the performance of CNC; accessing external devices in terms of micro second is very much required. This gave raise to new concept, new design, so that complexity can be reduced to improve performance. The proposed design is simulated and synthesized on Xilinx Vivado and Lattice ISP lever respectively. Keywords - CNC, FPGA, FRAM, DAC, MPG, Servo Motor, Spindle Motor.