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Integrated Approach To Handwritten Character Recognition Using Wireless Electric Board Implemented On Arm

Offline recognition is most popular technique which is generally used when user tends to write down a personality in many alternative ways. Whereas, in on-line recognition, the hand movements of the writer are tracked. In offline recognition the difficulty of differentiating similar characters is found where as in Online recognition the difficulties of hand movement dependencies are found. So that these are the draw backsoccured if both these techniques are applied individually. So as to beat these issues, we have a tendency to propose Integrated Offline-Online Character Recognition technique in specific manner to acquire optimum results out of them. For offline technique, feature vector is found by vertical and horizontal scanning technique. For on-line technique, it's found by x-y concatenation technique. In this paper, we proposed an improved algorithm for character recognition. Using chalk isn't only laborious; however it additionally produces a heap of chalk mud, polluting the air and adversely affecting the health of the scholars and academics. Here we can use ARM board as a hardware and embedded real time operating system as software, for hand held terminal. So that the handwritten signal is transferred to the pc terminal by RF wireless transmission module and the signal will be processed and displayed in larger form by the projector. Keywords- Handwritten Character Recognition; Offline Recognition, Online Recognition; Integrated Online-Offline Character Recognition, Wireless Electric Board.