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Hybrid Power Generation based on Static Compensator System

The growing demand for electric power and the increasing decline in global fossil fuel reserves have stimulated researchers and institutions to improve renewable energies, such as fuel cells that are highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The primary objective of this work presents a Static Synchronous Compensator (D-STATCOM) powered by Fuel cells in order to correct the power factor, as well as the protection of sensitive loads against voltage swell/sag voltage, and to supply these loads by the Fuel cells energy excess. The use of instantaneous p-q theory as a control system of the D-STATCOM results the multi-operation inverter, such as reactive power control and uninterruptible power supply will be achieved. The system consisting of Fuel cells, connected to a diode rectifier feeding a D-STATCOM. The simulation results prove the efficiency of using the proposed method for power quality improvement and Feed-in of Fuel cells -generated electricity into the public grid. Keywords - D-STATCOM, Reactive Power, PEMFC cells energy, Power-Factor Correction, p-q theory.