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Detection and Analysis of Partial Shading Condition for Photovoltaic Arrays

Photovoltaic system are under tremendous growth to resolve the energy generation issues, photovoltaic systems works on solar energy which is a renewable energy source in recent years. The solar energy converted in to electrical energy using arrays of photovoltaic modules connected in series and parallel. The maximum output at maximum irradiance in generally called as maximum power point, under certain environmental condition it is not possible to get maximum power from array such as cloudy environment, rain, temperature, irradiance pattern and changes in irradiance accordingly and one more factor is partial shading condition. Due to environmental factors it is difficult to achieve required output from array hence various systems were developed like solar trackers, maximum power point tracker and many more. In this research paper we will detect the partial shading condition by analyzing various parameters of system. The system includes maximum power point tracker circuit which is a buck boost circuit controlled by semiconductor device and microcontroller, it will be one kind of feed forward network to reduce the errors and efficiency enhancement Keywords - Photovoltaic, Solar Energy, Irradiance, Partial Shading, Array, Buck Boost Circuit, Semiconductor Device, Microcontroller, Feed Forward Network.