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Control Strategy For Mitigating Faults in Distributed Systems by using SCESS with FDG

This manuscript propose a flexible D-STATCOM is a new controller that be able to mitigate all types of faults and operates like a distribution generator when it supplies power to sensitive loads while the main utility source is disjointed. Thus D-STATCOM operates same as a flexible DG (FDG) and accordingly it is called Flexible DSTATCOM (FD- STATCOM). The FD-STATCOM system mitigate power quality problems and all types of faults such as Line-to-Line (LL) and Double Line to Ground (DLG) faults and supplies power to sensitive loads under islanding condition. In this thesis the 12-pulse D-STATCOM with IGBT is used and the graphic based models are developed using the PSCAD/EMTDC simulation program. The voltage disturbances caused by LL and DLG faults and islanded operating condition are obviously proved in the simulation results.