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Parameter Optimization for Adaptive Modeling of Thermally Induced Errors in Machine Tools Based on Integral Deformation Sensors

Thermo elastic deformations are one of the most significant sources of production inaccuracies in cutting machine tools today. There are numerous methods to model, monitor and compensate these thermal errors with the computer numerical control (CNC). The physical modeling based on measurements with integral deformation sensors (IDS) has been proved promising, since it captures the effect of all thermal influences in one measurement and needs low computational effort. Due to the strongly varying conditions during small-batch production, the physical model can be re-parametrized to achieve a higher compensation quality based on the current process parameters (for example milling or turning, dry or wet cutting, etc.).In this paper, the potential of parameter identification methods are investigated to estimate the possible quality improvement of such an adaptive compensation. Experiments carried out on a 3-axis machine tool demonstrate the effectiveness of the CNC-integrated correction method based on the IDS with and without parameter optimization. Index Terms - CNC Compensation, Machine Tools, Parameter Optimization, Thermal Errors.