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An Adaptive Area Efficient Spin Orbit Torque Non-Volatile Flip Flop Design with High Immunity for VDD Instability

This paper proposes an adaptive spin orbit torque non-volatile flip flop (SOT-NVFF) design. The proposed design offers two schemes of operation to ensure data security. Firstly, the nominal scheme at which the data is stored on the SOT-MTJs only when an external enable signal is initiated. A second scheme is automatically activated when supply instability is detected. This scheme stores the data every clock cycle, which aids in achieving higher data security. The control circuit that switches between the two schemes is also presented in this paper. Furthermore, the proposed NVFF only requires four overhead (OH) transistors, which results in more compact design compared to its counterparts in the literature. It also utilizes a series writing technique that aids in achieving at least 21% lower backup energy compared to others. Further study shows that the proposed NVFF offers better VDD scalability. It is also robust and stable even with process and device variations. Keywords - SOT, MTJ, NVL, Power Gating