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An Integrated Energy Storage Control Model for Wind-Grid Connected Systems

The importance of energy management is about maintaining optimum energy procurement and utilization in an organization by considering the factors such as environmental factors and energy costs. Reduction in energy losses during electric power transmission is one of the most important factors for the energy systems of the future but achieving sustainable energy system, development of renewable energy sources and technologies for energy storage are to be focused because the economical growth of a country is also based on the amount of energy produced and stored. Since Charging of battery is a Time Varying- Nonlinear process, conventional methods are not suitable. And also power generation is a complex process in wind power generation with respect to various parameters such as structural design, wind velocity, turbulence flow, etc. So energy storage management is a key concept in power generation & distribution. In this paper, detailed study of energy storage management with various parameters, different control strategies, performance analysis study and etc. have been discussed. Improving system performance with respect to the various parameters also explained. Index Terms - Energy Management, Energy Costs, Energy Losses, Charging and Discharging of Batteries, Wind Energy Conversion System, SOC & SOH.