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Dynamic Involvement of Fuzzy-Consisting Generation Systems in Electrical Power Market

Fuzzy variables and measurements have long been playing a leading role in power generation and power management systems, especially when it comes to distributed energy resources and more importantly renewables which are of fluctuating characteristics due to their barely predictable nature. Thus, power generation units consisting of such fuzzy distributed generations or fuzzy consumers are considered to be ineffective participants in electrical power markets. The integration of fuzzy variables with chance constrained programming can assign the pertaining energy generation system the capability of active participation to the power market. In this paper, we are introducing a new method to approach fuzzy variables in a power generation system, which allows renewable energy resources to actively function in the new ecosystem of energy management. We are analyzing what the integration of fuzzy players and chance constrained programming is like and how it works in both macro and micro scales. Finally, we are discovering the conditions under which the integration unifies for more desirable and competitive results in electrical power market. Keywords - Distributed energy resources, renewable energy, electrical power market, power systems, fuzzy variables, chance constrained programming, power system reliability, power system economy, energy management, energy market .