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Contribution to The Study of A Photovoltaic System with Active Power Filter

Industrial and domestic equipment increasingly uses electronic circuits with non-linear behavior. They generate, in distribution networks, non-sinusoidal currents causing harmful effects. This work deals with the rejection of these harmonic disturbances by means of an active filter comprising an inverter for which it is necessary to carry out the harmonic identification. The power source of the filter is not a source of autonomous voltage but a capacity which is charged through the rectifier formed by the diodes mounted antiparallel terminals of the transistors, this source is called floating source. In order to maintain this constant voltage, to provide electricity that is not only available but of high quality and to best meet the requirements of the active harmonic filtering system, we have been thinking of solar photovoltaic energy. Photovoltaic (PV) technology is an attractive alternative to or replacement of conventional sources of electricity supply because of its many advantages. We present our harmonic compensation system where we propose to associate a photovoltaic generator (PVG) in parallel with the continuous bus capacity to best meet the requirements of the filtering system and active power injection produced by PVG to the electrical network. We present a modeling based on an electrical study and another on the aspect energy aspect of the shunt active filter (SAPF). The second part focuses on SAPF control strategies, hysteresis control and direct power control (DPC). Keywords - Photovoltaic System, Direct Power Control, Shunt Active Filter, MPPT.