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A Higher Control Scheme of a Doubly Fed Induction Motor using Super Twisting and Fuzzy Logic

Usual vector control scheme employing proportional-integral (PI) regulator for the speed drive of the doubly fed induction motor (DFIM) have a few disadvantages such as parameter tuning complications, mediocre dynamic performances and reduced robustness. Consequently, in this paper we propose a new robust control scheme based on super twisting sliding mode and fuzzy logic of the DFIM supplied by two 2-level SVPWM inverters. The conventional sliding mode control (SMC) has enormous chattering effect on the electromagnetic torque developed by the DFIM. In order to resolve this problem, a second order sliding mode technique based on super twisting algorithm and fuzzy logic functions is employed. The validity of the used approach was tested by using Matlab/Simulink software. Interesting simulation results were obtained and remarkable advantages of the proposed control scheme were exposed including simple design of the control system, reduced chattering as well as the other advantages.