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Development Of A Dual Authentication System Using Iris And Sclera Features

Multimodal biometric system in recent days has become more popular, because single biometric systems slows down and fail also in some cases especially if it is used for security applications in various capacities. Single biometric system shows certain disadvantages, non-universality, spoof attacks etc. Iris is unique part of the eye that is varied from person to person. Iris is white part of the eye and it covering the sclera. The accuracy of the iris recognition system depends on the image quality of the iris images and also iris recognition requires frontal gaze images of the eye. The sclera is the white section of the eye, is the opaque, rubbery, defensive, external layer of the eye containing collagen and elastic fiber Images of sclera vessel patterns are often defocused and saturated and most significantly, the vessel structure in the sclera is multilayered and has complex nonlinear transformations, sclera recognition system is not give sufficient accuracy. So current research is to develop multimodal authentication system using features of iris and sclera for an accurate and efficient recognition system. In this superlatively develop iris and sclera recognition system and then fusing together. Results proved that Intelligent Recognition System using Iris and Sclera Features developed is more accurate and efficient as compared to other single biometric systems